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One of several small auxiliary gasbags placed inside a balloon or a nonrigid airship that can be inflated or deflated during flight to control and maintain shape and buoyancy.

[French ballonnet, diminutive of ballon, balloon; see balloon.]


(Aeronautics) an air or gas compartment in a balloon or nonrigid airship, used to control buoyancy and shape
[C20: from French ballonnet a little balloon]


(ˌbæl əˈneɪ)

an air or gasbag compartment in a balloon or airship used to control buoyancy and shape.
[1900–05; < French]
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It uses the existing ballonet fans to inflate and takes under 20 seconds to be ready for use.
Continuous-Positional Automatic Ballonet Control System for Airship," SAE Int.
The ballonet is a zero-porosity internal membrane filled with the inert gas helium.
The upper chamber is filled with helium and the lower chamber is a pressurized air compartment, called a ballonet.
Classified as a semi-rigid airship, as opposed to a blimp or dirigible, the CargoLifter's exterior structure is supported by an inner "bladder", or ballonet, which maintains the shape and altitude of the airship by increasing or decreasing air pressure.