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Of or relating to baths or bathing.

[From Latin balneum, bath; see bagnio.]


(ˈbælnɪəl) or


rare of or relating to baths or bathing
[C17: from Latin balneum bath, from Greek balaneion]
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The study was conducted at the Techirghiol Balneal and Recovery Sanatorium in March 2017 and included 20 patients, of which 8 women and 12 men, diagnosed with primitive coxarthrosis, on the basis of the clinical examination performed by the physician, in conjunction with paraclinical examinations.
Balneal treatment, accommodation and meals for beneficiaries of the National Pensions House issued by the National House for Public Pensions for the year 2017 (II).
check] National Association of Tourism Agencies (ANAT); Both actors performing in medical balneal tourism need to work together for a common future.
Ecologic agriculture, balneal therapeutic tourism and the Black Sea connected to the Caspian Sea, both rich in hydrocarbons are considered to be the main resources for sustainable development of Romania.
This study included 20 patients diagnosed with lumbar disk hernia and under a balneal treatment at The Recovery and Balneal Sanatorium Techirghiol.
Keywords: Sapropelic Mud; Statistical Analysis; Osteoarthritis; Balneal Cure
1) Techirghiol Balneal Complex, Recovery and Physical Rehabilitation, ROMANIA E-mail address: nicocalota@yahoo.
Balneal and Rehabilitation Sanatorium is situated on the shore of Techirghiol Lake, near the Black Sea and was established over one century.
All the parameters were evaluated before the beginning of treatment and to the end of balneal cure (12 days or 18 days).
The the spread typology of Practising sports animation the treatments--from oriented at the balneal treatment, achieving as medical product, to optimal body the weight loss, shape beauty treatments and fitness--as well as practising different sports as a way to maintain good health.
In Techirghiol Balneal and Rehabilitation Sanatorium we used mud from Techirghiol Lake for osteoarthritis treatment.