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BAMBINOS are in for a treat - Bars and Melody are heading to the Boro for a signing session.
The massed Bambinos - from all parts of England and Wales - were split into three groups for the day's proceedings, with all drivers competing against the clock to better their respective lap times in three eight-minute heats followed by a final.
Bambinos Day Nursery, in Binley, has achieved the highest ranking for the second time in three years.
Five Bambinos took to the GYG track on Saturday morning and managed to complete over eight sessions, including a lunchtime standing start race.
Sardinia is an ideal family holiday destination offering warm Italian hospitality and bambinos are welcome.
Dads can spend some quality pre-Father's Day time with their bambinos in the kitchen at Maggiano's Little Italy.
El objetivo de este trabajo es conjuntar datos dispersos de la geologia, mapeo geologico, geologia de pozos, estratigrafia y edades absolutas recientemente obtenidas de diferentes fuentes, para dilucidar primero la edad y secuencia estratigrafica de las lavas Los Bambinos, luego construir un sumario cronoestratigrafico de la Formacion Barva tradicionalmente conocida en el sector sur del volcan, y al final hacer una propuesta de mayor alcance al grueso del macizo, incluyendo su flanco norte.
LBD stands for Les Bambinos Dangereuses, and consists of three 15-year-old English girls--Ronnie, Fleur, Claude--who have a series of misadventures maintaining friendships and attracting and keeping and/or punishing boyfriends.
A spokesman said: "The bambinos will surely be pestering their parents to indulge them in the latest look for playtime.
This month, however, Llandow is bracing itself for as many as 30 Bambinos, courtesy of a visit from round two of the 'Bambino Kart Club's' national tour.
All the 64 children who go to Bella Bambinos on Netheroyd Hill Road, Cowcliffe, spent the day taking part in a range of red and white themed fun activities.