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 (bə-năl′, bā′nəl, bə-näl′)
Drearily commonplace and often predictable; trite: "Blunt language cannot hide a banal conception" (James Wolcott).

[French, from Old French, shared by tenants in a feudal jurisdiction, from ban, summons to military service, of Germanic origin; see bhā- in Indo-European roots.]

ba·nal′ize′ v.
ba·nal′ly adv.
Usage Note: The pronunciation of banal is not settled among educated speakers of American English, and several variants compete with each other. The pronunciation (bə-năl′), rhyming with canal, was preferred by 58 percent of the Usage Panel in our 2001 survey, while 28 percent favored (bā′nəl), and 13 percent said they used (bə-näl′), a pronunciation that is more common in British English. A number of Panelists admitted to being so vexed by the word that they tended to avoid it in conversation. Nonetheless, all three pronunciations should be considered acceptable.


(bəˈnɑːlaɪz) or


vb (tr)
to make banal
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Rather than addressing the peculiar normalization of sexual intercourse in the freezing experiments, as indicated by the degree to which sex acts were anticipated, monitored, and measured, Thompson's narrative portrays the act of intercourse as a shocking anomaly, albeit one that Rascher would banalize in his report by writing that "animal heat plus intercourse is as effective a rewarming agent as boiling water.
Yet even this critical reception does not discourage Ludo, who requests--and secures--permission to wear a skirt to Snow White's birthday party ("We're letting him enact his fantasy [in order] to banalize [and banish] it," an exhausted Pierre explains to doubting neighbors).
You see, he wants Leth to fail, and every time the equally strong- willed older filmmaker comes back with a successful experiment - or, at least, one that cleverly fudged its way around the letter or spirit of a given obstruction - von Trier says things like, ``Jorgen, you're looking great, that's not good'' or ``I want to banalize you.