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 (bə-nô′sĭk, -zĭk)
1. Merely mechanical; routine: "a sensitive, self-conscious creature ... in sad revolt against uncongenially banausic employment" (London Magazine).
2. Of or relating to a mechanic.

[Greek banausikos, of or for craftsmen, from banausos, craftsman who works with fire, smith, potter, probably dissimilated from earlier *baunausos : baunos, furnace, forge (probably of pre-Greek substrate origin) + auein, to light a fire, get a light from; akin to Latin haurīre, to draw water.]


(bəˈnɔːsɪk) or


merely mechanical; materialistic; utilitarian
[C19: from Greek banausikos for mechanics, from baunos forge]


(bəˈnɔ sɪk, -zɪk)

serving utilitarian purposes only; mechanical; practical.
[1835–45; < Greek banausikós]
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Adj.1.banausic - (formal) ordinary and not refinedbanausic - (formal) ordinary and not refined; "he felt contempt for all banausic occupations"
formality - compliance with formal rules; "courtroom formality"
ordinary - not exceptional in any way especially in quality or ability or size or degree; "ordinary everyday objects"; "ordinary decency"; "an ordinary day"; "an ordinary wine"
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Some of the banausic nonsense of the modern world mattered less and the richness of life mattered more, I think that's probably what the appeal is.
It is the merit of eighteenth-century social and moral philosophy, which is the source of our own discipline of political economy, to have liberated the crafts and commercial activities--the banausic [Greek for the "man at the stove" as they were contemptuously called in the slave economy of Athens--from the stigma of the feudal era and to have obtained for them the ethical position to which they are entitled and which we now take for granted.
Get away from the banausic everyday life by taking a stroll on the beautifully landscaped garden.
Allegations of servile origins or banausic activities were common elements of political and forensic polemic: M.