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 (băng′kō, bäng′-)
n. pl. ban·cos
A bet in certain gambling games for the entire amount the banker offers to accept.
Used to announce such a bet.

[Italian, variant of banca, from Old Italian; see bank2.]


(Gambling, except Cards) a call in gambling games such as chemin de fer and baccarat by a player or bystander who wishes to bet against the entire bank
[C18: from French from Italian: bank]
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Bar, strengthened as usual with his double eye-glass and his little jury droop, was overjoyed to see the engaging young Barnacle; and opined that we were going to sit in Banco, as we lawyers called it, to take a special argument?
Just so, just so,' said Bar, nodding his head, for he was not to be put off in that way, 'and therefore I spoke of our sitting in Banco to take a special argument--meaning this to be a high and solemn occasion, when, as Captain Macheath says, "the judges are met: a terrible show
According to these people, Banco Popular Espanol SA (BME:POP) and Banco de Sabadell SA (BME:SAB) were among those approached.
Cada categoria de banco estaria por lo tanto sujeto a una serie de medidas las cuales podrian ser mandatorias o discrecionales.
Banco CAM provides retail banking services mainly in the regions of Valencia, Murcia and the Balearic Islands.
Banco do Brasil may buy less than 49 percent of Santander Brasil but would seek to bring in Banco Votorantim as a partner.
Meanwhile, S&P lowered the ratings on Banco Cruzeiro do Sul (SAO:CZRS4).
Banco rari 379 shows Poliziano practicing in 1480-81, as Daneloni puts it (36, n.
The Federal Reserve Board announced on March 13, 2000, that it had terminated the temporary orders to cease and desist issued against Banco Nacional de Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico; Banco Internacional, S.
Aguirre is banking - literally - on Banco Popular's outreach to the community here to engender the kind of loyalty for which Latinos are known.
the same time, Moody's downgraded the national scale ratings of Banco BTG