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or ban·dan·a  (băn-dăn′ə)
A large handkerchief usually patterned and brightly colored.

[Probably Portuguese, from Hindi bāndhnū, tie-dyeing, from bāndhnā, to tie, from Sanskrit bandhati, he ties; see bhendh- in Indo-European roots.]
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Noun1.bandana - large and brightly colored handkerchiefbandana - large and brightly colored handkerchief; often used as a neckerchief
handkerchief, hankey, hankie, hanky - a square piece of cloth used for wiping the eyes or nose or as a costume accessory


bandanna [bænˈdænə] Npañuelo m


ngroßes Schnupftuch; (round neck) → Halstuch nt


bandanna [bænˈdænə] nfazzolettone m
References in classic literature ?
Matt loosened the bandana from his own neck and started to put it around White Fang's.
Old Celestine, with a bandana tignon twisted about her head, hobbled in and out, taking a personal interest in everything; and she lingered occasionally to talk patois with Robert, whom she had known as a boy.
and so saying, taking out his spectacles, he rubbed them with his great yellow bandana handkerchief, and putting them on very carefully, came out of the wigwam, and leaning stiffly over the bulwarks, took a good long look at Queequeg.
Then I take my belt, and my bandana handkerchief, and I tie him.
The three thousand dollars is the reward of the Government for this man I have tied up with my belt and my bandana.
He dropped his burden in the corner by the stove and wiped his face on a coarse bandana handkerchief.
McCoy cried involuntarily, mopping his face with a bandana handkerchief.
com), a baby accessories company, has today announced the release of its first product: the Baby Bandana Bib Gift set.
The story took a turn for the worse when the police removed the bandana, and identified the suspect as 16-year-old Cameron Kaminsky, a student at nearby Hamshire-Fannett High School.
There was a big change in his confidence and he loved to be picking an outfit to match the bandana.
On this occasion, University of Connecticut USA, Department of Sociology and Asian American Studies Professor Dr Bandana Purkayastha shed light on the topic while Director CSAS Dr Umbreen Javaid, faculty members and MPhil/PhD scholars of CSAS and Department of Political Science were also present.
1 1LEONARDO THE most dedicated of all the Turtles, T Leo, right, who wears a blue bandana, takes his responsibility as oldest brother very seriously.