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 (băn′də-rē′ə, -rēl′yə)
A decorated barbed dart that is thrust into the bull's neck or shoulder muscles by a banderillero in a bullfight.

[Spanish, diminutive of bandera, banner, from Vulgar Latin *bandāria; see banner.]


(ˌbændəˈriːə; -ˈriːljə)
(Bullfighting) bullfighting a decorated barbed dart, thrust into the bull's neck or shoulder
[Spanish, literally: a little banner, from bandera banner]


(ˌbæn dəˈri ə, -ˈril yə)

n., pl. -las.
an ornamented dart with barbs that is stuck into the neck and shoulders of a bull by banderilleros.
[1790–1800; < Sp, =bander(a) banner + -illa diminutive suffix]
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Noun1.banderilla - a decorated dart that is implanted in the neck or shoulders of the bull during a bull fightbanderilla - a decorated dart that is implanted in the neck or shoulders of the bull during a bull fight
dart - a small narrow pointed missile that is thrown or shot
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Messrs Tesco, Lidl, Carrefour and the others have all corners covered from marzipan stolen to potted goose, tasty banderillas, crisp bruschetta, foie gras and so much more.
A]t the first bullfight I ever saw, before I could see it clearly, before I could even see what happened, in the new, crowded, confused, white-jacketed beer vendor passing in front of you, two steel cables between your eyes and the ring below, the bull's shoulders smooth with blood, the banderillas clattering as he moved and a streak of dust down the middle of his back, his horns solid-looking like wood on top, thicker than your arm where they curved; I remembered in the midst of this confused excitement having a great moment of emotion when the man went in with the sword.
Taking the Chef Category Grand Prize of $5,000 was Chef Andrea Spring of Sign of the Mermaid restaurant in Anna Maria, FL, for her Ale and Apple Duck Banderillas with Pralined Bacon and Apple Hoisin Sauce.
Others plunge banderillas, which are sticks with harpoon points, into the bull's back.
The artist's Spanish roots are evident in La Pique and Les Banderillas where the movement and brutality of the bullfight are captured in a few simple strokes of the artist's hand.
Using specially designed adhesive Velcro pads instead of traditional banderillas, rejones and steel harpoons, competitors are able to preserve the existence of the toros while keeping the excitement and skill of traditional bullfighting alive.
And then the doors are opened and the herd is brought in, these animals which will be fought today in accordance with all the rules of the spectacle, the sweep of the cape, the puncturing with banderillas, the beating with sticks, and then finally the crowning of the nape of the neck with the sword, whose blade and sharp point are piercing my heart, ole.
1 -- color) Bullfighter Rafael Ortega, with a leap, raises banderillas to stab the bull Universario in the back at a bullfight at Plaza Monumental in Tijuana, Mexico.
My favourite dish was the banderillas, a couple of skewers with succulent chicken; while the MiC licked his lips over the Lomo en Adobo, pork loin.
Other choices include banderillas, grilled garlic mushrooms, smoked salmon fratata, vegetable tagine, Greek village salad and Moroccan spiced prawns.
Meat is also on the menu, including lamb presented on dramatic vertical skewers reminiscent of bullfight banderillas.
For Comencini, a child can "die" in this way, without the bloodletting of the banderillas, but nevertheless suffering intensely from the blows of those who supposedly loved him.