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or ban·de·rol  (băn′də-rōl′) also ban·ne·rol (băn′ə-rōl′)
1. A narrow forked flag or streamer attached to a staff or lance or flown from a ship's masthead.
2. A representation of a ribbon or scroll bearing an inscription.

[French, from Italian banderuola, diminutive of bandiera, banner, from Vulgar Latin *bandāria; see banner.]


(ˈbændəˌrəʊl) or




1. (Nautical Terms) a long narrow flag, usually with forked ends, esp one attached to the masthead of a ship; pennant
2. a square flag draped over a tomb or carried at a funeral
3. (Architecture) a ribbon-like scroll or sculptured band bearing an inscription, found esp in Renaissance architecture
4. (Heraldry) a streamer on a knight's lance
[C16: from Old French, from Italian banderuola, literally: a little banner, from bandiera banner]


or ban•de•rol

(ˈbæn dəˌroʊl)

1. a small flag or streamer.
2. a narrow scroll usu. bearing an inscription.
[1555–65; < Middle French < Italian banderuola=bandier(a) banner + -uola, variant of -ola -ole1]
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or banderol
also bannerol
Fabric used especially as a symbol:
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As a company with close to 10 years of experience and expertise in the provision of total solutions for government excise/tax revenue protection, brand protection and security solutions and products, it provides services to design, print, store, supply and distribute security products including banderols (tax stamps).
Applications include, for example, single- or multiwall bags and sacks, grocery bags, pouches banderols and envelopes.
The basic functions that the Customs Administration is going to take over include issuance of excise licenses, issuance of excise approvals for non-excise use of excise goods (alcohol for pharmacies and hospitals, medicines, cosmetic products, etc), issuance of banderols, etc.