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A bandleader, especially the conductor of a military, circus, or concert band.


(Music, other) the conductor of a band


(ˈbændˌmæs tər, -ˌmɑ stər)

the conductor of a concert, military, or circus band.
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Noun1.bandmaster - the conductor of a bandbandmaster - the conductor of a band    
conductor, music director, director - the person who leads a musical group


[ˈbændmɑːstəʳ] Ndirector m de banda
References in classic literature ?
And the bandmaster praised the bird tremendously; yes, he assured them it was better than a real nightingale, not only because of its beautiful plumage and diamonds, but inside as well.
said everyone; and the bandmaster received permission to show the bird to the people the next Sunday.
And the bandmaster wrote a work of twenty-five volumes about the artificial bird.
But then the bandmaster made a little speech full of hard words, saying that it was just as good as before.
It was a good show, and as stately and complex as guard-mount and the trooping of the colors; and it had its own special music, composed for the occasion by the bandmaster of the Seventh; and the child was as serious as the most serious war-worn soldier of them all; and finally when they throned her upon the shoulder of the oldest veteran, and pronounced her "well and truly adopted," and the bands struck up and all saluted and she saluted in return, it was better and more moving than any kindred thing I have seen on the stage, because stage things are make-believe, but this was real and the players' hearts were in it.
The old girl borrowed a bassoon from the bandmaster of the Rifle Regiment.
Navy officer, has the distinction to be the first woman officer to become a bandmaster.
A bandmaster from Patna would come to teach them the nuances of playing the drum and soon their lives took a new turn.
I still remember with fondness anecdotes about such bands told by a military bandmaster who had served in a cavalry regiment in World War I.
In April 1912 he was appointed bandmaster of White Star's RMS Titanic and joined the ship on April 10 for her departure from Southampton to New York.
1842: Sir Arthur Seymour Sullivan, composer, was born in Lambeth, son of a bandmaster at Sandhurst Military College.
1842: Sir Arthur Seymour Sullivan, composer, was born Lambeth, son of a bandmaster at Sandhurst Military College.