bandpass filter

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band·pass filter

A filter designed to transmit a particular band of electromagnetic frequencies while excluding those of higher or lower frequencies.
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Contract notice: Bandpass Filter Supply, Density And A Photomultiplier With Accessoires.
An ultra-broadband coplanar-waveguide bandpass filter with sharp skirt selectivity.
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Moreover, the short stub-loaded resonator (SSLR) was also analyzed in [19] for design of compact bandpass filter.
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of Hong Kong), and Rui Li (interconnection and advanced packaging, Institute of Microelectronics, Singapore) set out the fundamental theory related to designing a microwave bandpass filter using a resonator with multiple resonant modes.
In [3], a multilayer bandpass filter is designed using open-loop resonator and extra metallic patches are used to achieve coupling between the two conductive layers.
The bandpass filter provides better than 45 dB rejection of unwanted harmonics.
PFC Model Number BP116-10-2A-SS is a bandpass filter that features center frequency of 116 MHz, 3 db bandwidth at 10 MHz, insertion loss of -8 dB, rejection of -60 dB at 100 MHz and 124 MHz and package size of 1.
The later is caused by the spectral mismatch between the bead standard and the stained lymphocytes because of the use of the bandpass filter in the cytometer and wavelength-dependent instrument detection responses as explained below.
An ultraviolet bandpass filter mounted on the camera lens blocks all light returning to the film except UV.