bang away

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bang 1

1. A sudden loud noise, as of an explosion.
2. A sudden loud blow or bump.
3. Informal A sudden burst of action: The campaign started off with a bang.
4. Slang A sense of excitement; a thrill: We got a bang out of watching the old movies.
v. banged, bang·ing, bangs
v. tr.
1. To strike heavily and often repeatedly; bump.
2. To close suddenly and loudly; slam.
3. To handle noisily or violently: banged the pots in the kitchen.
4. Informal To turn in (a specific direction or along a course), especially suddenly: bang a left onto Boylston Street.
5. Vulgar Slang To have sexual intercourse with.
v. intr.
1. To make a sudden loud, explosive noise.
2. To crash noisily against or into something: My elbow banged against the door.
1. Exactly; precisely: The arrow hit bang on the target.
2. Suddenly; abruptly: cut the conversation bang off.
Used to indicate the sound of an explosion or collision.
Phrasal Verbs:
bang away
1. To speak or ask questions in a rapid, aggressive manner: reporters banging away at the official during the press conference.
2. To work diligently and often at length: banged away at the project until it was finished.
bang up
To damage extensively: banged up the car.
bang for the (or one's) buck
Value returned for investment or effort.

[Probably from Old Norse bang, a hammering.]

bang 2

often bangs A fringe of hair that hangs over the forehead, cut in any of various styles.
tr.v. banged, bang·ing, bangs
To cut (hair) to form bangs.

[From bang, abruptly, as in the phrase cut bang off, to cut off abruptly.]

bang 3

Variant of bhang.

w>bang away

(guns)knallen; (persons: = keep firing) → wild (drauflos)feuern (→ at auf +acc), → wild (drauflos)ballern (inf) (→ at auf +acc); (workman etc)herumklopfen or -hämmern (→ at an +dat); to bang away at the typewriterauf der Schreibmaschine herumhauen or -hämmern (inf)
(inf: = work industriously) to bang away (at something)sich hinter etw (acc)klemmen (inf)
(sl: = have sexual intercourse) → vögeln (inf)
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But expect Haye to bang away at the big torso early on before going upstairs in the middle of the fight and perhpas even pushing for a stoppage in the closing stages.
It didn't mean that it would keep us interested or that it could be of great use forever to just bang away on those four chords.
The drumming itself is tough enough as they bang away at a myriad of wadaiko drums that range from the tiny hand-held Uchiwa Daiko, to the giant Odaiko, made from a 400-year-old tree.