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Plural of ban2.


(Currencies) the plural of ban3



v. banned, ban•ning,
n. v.t.
1. to prohibit, forbid, or bar; interdict: to ban nuclear weapons.
2. Archaic.
a. to pronounce an ecclesiastical curse upon.
b. to curse; execrate.
3. the act of prohibiting by law; interdiction.
4. informal denunciation or prohibition, as by public opinion.
5. a formal ecclesiastical condemnation or excommunication.
6. a malediction; curse.
[before 1000; Middle English bannen, Old English bannan to summon, proclaim, c. Old High German bannan, Old Norse banna to curse]
ban′na•ble, adj.



1. the summoning of the sovereign's vassals for military service.
2. the body of vassals summoned.
[1200–50; Middle English, aph. variant of iban, Old English gebann summons to arms]



n., pl. ba•ni (ˈbɑ ni)
a monetary unit of Romania, equal to 1/100 of the leu.
[1960–65; < Romanian]
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