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tr.v. ban·ished, ban·ish·ing, ban·ish·es
1. To force to leave a country or place by official decree; exile: The spy was found guilty of treason and banished from the country.
2. To drive away; expel: We banished all our doubts and fears.

[Middle English banishen, from Old French banir, baniss-, of Germanic origin; see bhā- in Indo-European roots.]

ban′ish·er n.
ban′ish·ment n.


someone who or something which banishes
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Described as 'nature's nerve tonic and Worry Banisher in-chief', the powdered drink was said to stop problems 'looming bigger and bigger till you feel as depressed as a worm near a steam roller.
A]ll law is, as it were, a discovery, and a gift from God, a precept of wise men, the corrector of abuses, the bond which knits together the fabric of the state, and the banisher of crime; and it is therefore fitting that all men should live according to it who lead their lives in a corporate political body.
The coffee bean cellulite banisher As used by Halle Berry, 48 What the celebs say: One of former Bond Girl Halle's favoured body trends is to grind coffee beans and smother them over her body in a paste form to help target cellulite.