bank book

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دفتر دَفْتَر الحِساب المَصْرَفي
vkladní knížka
bankabók, sparisjóîsbók
vkladná knižka
banka defteri


(bӕŋk) noun
1. a place where money is lent or exchanged, or put for safety and/or to acquire interest. He has plenty of money in the bank; I must go to the bank today.
2. a place for storing other valuable material. A blood bank.
to put into a bank. He banks his wages every week.
ˈbanker noun
a person who owns or manages a bank.
bank book
a book recording money deposited in, or withdrawn from, a bank.
banker's card (also cheque card)
a card issued by a bank guaranteeing payment of the holder's cheques.
bank holiday
a day on which banks are closed (and which is often also a public holiday).
ˈbank-note noun
a piece of paper issued by a bank, used as money.
bank on
to rely on. Don't bank on me – I'll probably be late.
References in classic literature ?
Reckoning up his money and his bank book, he found that he had left one thousand eight hundred roubles, and nothing coming in before the New Year.
Sometimes on rainy afternoons in the store she got out her bank book and, letting it lie open before her, spent hours dreaming impossible dreams of saving money enough so that the interest would support both herself and her future husband.
They took on the semblance of yellow, twenty-dollar gold pieces, of yellow-backed paper bills of the government stamping of the United States, of bank books, and of rich coupons ripe for the clipping--and all shot through the flashings of the form of a rough-coated Irish terrier, on a galaxy of brilliantly-lighted stages, mouth open, nose upward to the drops, singing, ever singing, as no dog had ever been known to sing in the world before.
Jocelyn Marie Felicano was awarded 6 scholarships, plus a Wells Fargo Bank book grant.
Faulkner was entrusted to pay cheques into the account and was given the bank book so a record of all payments could be kept.
The intruders pushed him around before leaving with his bag containing cash and a bank book.
A new World Bank book on the impact of climate change on agriculture in Europe and Central Asia indicates that projected changes in temperature and precipitation in Albania are expected to increase the vulnerability of the country's agriculture sector and rural populations if no action is taken, Xinhua reports.
5 bln euros in fresh capital, the stress test was widely viewed as far too lax, mainly since it did not look at the bank book.
Adams, 39, stumbled on a stolen bank book as he found himself unfit to work through depression brought on by his release from jail after he was cleared of murder.
I know one couple who found an old bank book of the lady's mother but when they went to the bank they were told there were no records left because it had been taken over.
Are we expected to believe that pounds 350,000 coming into the family bank book is not even mentioned at the breakfast table?
I used it for things like holiday spending money and buying special treats and I remember how grown-up I felt having my own bank book and statements.