bank examiner

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: examiner - an examiner appointed to audit the accounts of banks in a given jurisdiction
examiner, inspector - an investigator who observes carefully; "the examiner searched for clues"
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Magas began her career with the Cleveland Reserve Bank in 1985 as a bank examiner.
After joining the Department in 1985 as a bank examiner, she became Banking Division Director in 2000, Deputy Commissioner in 2013, and was appointed Commissioner by Gov.
His experience as chief risk officer at Reliant and his significant experience as a senior bank examiner for the Federal Reserve make him uniquely qualified for this position.
In 2013, Mkhize followed the time-honored path from bank examiner to bank officer, hiring on as CFO at a bank he had become familiar with earlier in his stint with the Bank Department.
He has also worked as a bank examiner for the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, formerly known as the Office of Thrift Supervision.
Khalid joins Bank Sohar with almost 20 years of experience as a central banker, leaving his former post as a senior bank examiner at the Central Bank of Oman.
MARCO D'ANTONIO has 18 years of experience as a bank examiner with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).
At one point, the top brass at the prestigious bank ambushed a junior bank examiner, becoming 'loud and combative' when he disclosed disputed results of an exam.
For example, the decision to change a bank's CAMELS rating from 2 to 3 (moving the bank from "fundamentally sound" to indicating "some degree of supervisory concern") is largely if not entirely within the discretion of the bank examiner.
An internal 0CC memo dated April 29, 2009, from the chief national bank examiner offered clarification to examiners on handling "problem real estate loans.
One of BE'S Most Powerful Executives, he began his career as a bank examiner at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
Lake, a former Federal Reserve bank examiner and White House assistant told the delegates he was an outsider, and that is what the state needs in a new auditor.