bank guard

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security guard, watchman, watcher - a guard who keeps watch
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On hearing gunshots, bank guard resorted to firing, which was retaliated by the robbers.
Hidayatullah, the bank guard on night duty was reported to be empowered by the two culprits, who after tying him with a rope, gained access to the lockers and managed to escape with jewellery, cost of which was being estimated by the authorities.
Uveges supposedly relayed the offer through a bank guard.
Summary: Budgam (Jammu and Kashmir) [India] August 7 (ANI): A group of terrorists tried to snatch rifle of a bank guard at Jammu and Kashmir's Budgam.
In his message of condolence the Chief Minister took notice of the martyrdom of a police constable in a bomb attack on police mobile van at Regi Town Peshawar, Shahadat of another police personnel in an incident of firing by miscreants near Naseerullah Babar Memorial Hospital Peshawar, firing on a bank guard at Mattani Peshawar and the demise of a school going student in an incident of bomb blast at Ibrahimzai Hangu and termed all these incidents as tragic and prayed for the eternal peace of the departed souls and for the early recovery of the injured ones.
A bank guard was also among the fatalties - he was killed by robbers, two of whom were later shot down by the police.
What's more, in his fictional account, a lone bank guard is shot dead, not two police officers and a Brink's guard at the hands of Boudin and company.
A bank guard allegedly told her she would have to be escorted to and from the teller unless she agreed to remove her headscarf.
Shooting by a bank guard if any one is seen with a gun or any other weapon will not only be risky but illegal too.
The robbers opened fire on bank guard Abdul Ghafar and cashier Abdul Hamid, killing them instantly.
BEIJING, June 2 -- A bank guard angry over a legal ruling in his divorce opened fire in a China court building Tuesday, shooting three judges dead and wounding three others before killing himself, the local government said.