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1. A roll of paper money.
2. Informal One's ready cash.
tr.v. bank·rolled, bank·roll·ing, bank·rolls Informal
To underwrite the expense of (a business venture, for example).

bank′roll′er n.


the person or organization that provides the finance for a project, business, etc
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BY MIKEY SMITH RUSSIAN Twitter trolls who promoted Leave also backed a website owned by Brexit bankroller Arron Banks, it emerged.
Not unless, promotion attained, Mike Ashley suddenly becomes Sir John Hall, the bankroller of the Entertainers, which I cannot see for the life of me.
Syria's telecoms services, run by Mr Assad's cousin and suspected regime bankroller Rami Makhlouf, recently increased prices for phone calls and the internet.
ASP Edward Odame Okyere, the investigator in the trial of Alfred Agbesi Woyome, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) bankroller for accusedly fraudulently obtaining a GHAo51.
Inspired and emboldened, she returned home and launched WIN Minnesota, another group of liberal donors that soon became the primary funder of the Alliance for a Better Minnesota and a key bankroller of Minnesota's permanent political machine.
How ironic that financial aid for US students is slashed, while hard-earned US tax money is subsidising Israel's educational institutions - enabling the welfare recipient to surpass the bankroller.
Chavous currently serves as executive counsel for the American Federation for Children, a pro-voucher group funded by Religious Right bankroller Betsy DeVos.
THE biggest bankroller of the Better Together campaign has been accused of having links to deals with some of the world's worst tyrants.
The message goes in fact even to Israel's main military, economic and political bankroller, the United States.
Yet there was Rick Santorum's bankroller, Foster Friess, announcing that funding for contraception wasn't such a big deal: "Back in my day, they used Bayer aspirin for contraceptives.
The ever-controversial philanthropist and political bankroller Sheldon Adelson and his wife Miriam have pledged $13 million to reduce Birthright Israel waiting lines.
But Germany, the main bankroller of Greek bailouts, made clear on Thursday that Athens needed to fulfill conditions to stay in the common currency bloc.