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n. pl. ban·lieus (-lyœz′, -lyœ′)
A suburb of a French city, especially an economically depressed suburb with a large immigrant population.

[French, from Middle French, suburb, from Old French, the space extending about a league out around a town in which the town authorities had jurisdiction and read official proclamations : ban, official proclamation; see banns + lieue, liue, league; see league2.]


a suburb of a city
References in classic literature ?
raised the brim of his hat), which hotels number thirteen, plus the Cour des Miracles, plus the Maladerie, called the Banlieue, plus the whole highway which begins at that Maladerie and ends at the Porte Sainte-Jacques.
We examine how France's urban planning, guided by political and economic influences, has created and sustained banlieue poverty and marginalization.
I find it a shame that on the one hand there are people who want to bring a power hose to clean the banlieue, who say the people there are 'scum', and on the other there are people who bring Hollywood stars," Diallo told AFP, quoting incendiary statements Sarkozy made in 2005.
Triggered by the electrocution of two boys who were fleeing the police in the Parisian banlieue of Clichy-sous-Bois, these emeutes (riots) quickly engulfed other impoverished suburbs throughout the whole country.
Each banlieue has its own name, such as La Cite des 4000 near Paris or Les Minguettes in Lyon's suburbs, and residents, especially the young, identify strongly with their neighborhood.
Le 7 septembre, sur la pelouse du Stade de France, dans la banlieue nord de Paris, ils affronteront l'Argentine en ouverture des festivitE[umlaut]s.
L' auteure penetre dans les meandres nombreux qui menent a la construction d'une eglise catholique en banlieue et explique comment l'evolution et parfois la revolution dans les mentalites et les idees d'une societe peuvent se traduire dans l'architecture religieuse.
In addition, since the 1960s, the banlieue has become increasingly associated with images of ethnicity.
Ten years ago Matthieu Kassovitz's film La Haine burst onto the cinema, depicting dissolute teens dealing with the fallout of a riot against the police on the banlieue.
Naissent alors sur le Plateau Mont-Royal des municipalites de banlieue a vocation industrielle et ouvriere; rapidement, l'industrie du vetement y domine.
Plus largement, l'ouvrage de Lewis nous amene C nous interroger sur l'utilisation des concepts de suburbanisation et de banlieue.
Parallelement, on observait une augmentation de la population agee dans la banlieue plus peripherique bien que celle-ci y soit encore peu presente.