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1. A platform lining a trench or parapet wall on which soldiers may stand when firing.
2. also ban·kit (băng′kĭt) Southern Louisiana & East Texas A raised sidewalk. See Note at beignet.
3. A long upholstered bench placed against or built into a wall.

[French, from Provençal banqueta, diminutive of banca, bench, of Germanic origin.]


1. (Furniture) an upholstered bench
2. (Fortifications) (formerly) a raised part behind a parapet
3. a footbridge
[C17: from French, from Provençal banqueta, literally: a little bench, from banc bench; see bank3]


(bæŋˈkɛt; locally ˈbæŋ kɪt for 3 )

1. a long bench with an upholstered seat, esp. one along a wall, as in a restaurant.
2. Coastal Louisiana and East Texas. a sidewalk.
3. a platform or step along the inside of a parapet, for soldiers to stand on when firing.
4. a ledge running across the back of a buffet.
[1620–30; < French < Occitan]
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Noun1.banquette - an upholstered benchbanquette - an upholstered bench      
bench - a long seat for more than one person


[bæŋˈket] Nbanqueta f alargada


References in classic literature ?
The boys were dragging along the banquette a small "express wagon," which they had filled with blocks and sticks.
Cognachued leather banquettes wrap the main restaurant, 4 Saints, where mood lighting comes from evocatively hung lanterns.
They wanted banquettes as a legacy," a salute to a staple of fine restaurants of the past.
Periwinkle velvet banquettes line the walls, while French provincial chairs are upholstered in cheerful large-scale checks.
The outlet features] mouldings on the walls, sconces, a crystal chandelier, and leather banquettes - all white to let the light reflect and give life to the room.
Features a high-end build-out covered in dark woods and plush banquettes surrounding the entire space.
There are a few attempts to add quirkiness here with a seating mix of bar stools, bistro chairs and banquettes.
To maintain the lightness of the space, Winser and Martignetti covered the walls in plaster and built whitewashed ash tables and deep blue banquettes (with white buttons, to evoke a nautical theme).
In this catalog of an exhibition on view at the museum April 13-November 7, 2010, curator Koeppe (European sculpture and decorative arts) and the museum's director provide context on Vienna as an 18th century cultural center, the Second Sachsen-Teschen service originally comprised of hundreds of pieces for precisely choreographed banquettes recreated in the exhibit, the featured surviving pieces, and master goldsmiths of the period.
They cuddled up to Gordon and Tana Ramsay, a refreshed Stephen Fry and TV mogul Liz Murdoch in one of the cosy banquettes.
Its shiny surfaces are broken up by digipop patterns, scrolling text and the satiny banquettes and lounge seating.
The front lounge features two banquettes situated near the walls.