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Strickland was in a good humour, and when Dirk Stroeve came up and sat down with us he attacked him with ferocious banter.
He remembered the bitterness of his life at school, the humiliation which he had endured, the banter which had made him morbidly afraid of making himself ridiculous; and he remembered the loneliness he had felt since, faced with the world, the disillusion and the disappointment caused by the difference between what it promised to his active imagination and what it gave.
Don't banter me," she said, wounded at what appeared to be his flippancy.
He recovered his spirits and began again upon a vein of foolish banter, for the amusement of the Sheriff and his guests, all being now merry with wine.
When our reporter got in touch with the operators of the Parc Banter page - believed to refer to HMP Parc in Bridgend - he was told: "This is our banter page while in prison.
Very silly thing to do, it may be banter but sometimes you have to know your audience
I apologise for any offence my use of the word banter may have caused.
I say: Enough is enough, the campaign to bring banter back to West London starts here.
A classic vaudeville line made its way into their own high banter away from the stage--"that joke just never gets new.
He said: "It started off, that should've been banter, a joke, that's my mistake.
The Banter Thiefs - David Clark (guitar/lead vocals), Derek Watson (bass guitar/vocals), Keith Condie (guitar/vocals) and Darren O'Rourke (drums) - are all red-hot Motherwell fans, even penning the club's anthem for the 2011 Cup final, and were delighted when the manager agreed to take part, along with skipper Keith Lasley.
London, November 11 ( ANI ): Football ace Jermaine Pennant can't seem to escape the constant banter from teammates over his fiancee's saucy jobs.