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A Japanese battle cry or patriotic cheer.

[Japanese, (may you live) ten thousand years! : from Middle Chinese ʋa⋮n`` syaj` (also the source of Mandarin wànsuì) : ʋa⋮n``, ten thousand + syaj`, year.]


(ˈbɑːnzaɪ; bɑːnˈzaɪ)
a patriotic cheer, battle cry, or salutation
[Japanese: literally, (may you live for) ten thousand years]


(bɑnˈzaɪ, ˈbɑn-)

1. (used as a Japanese patriotic cry or joyous shout.)
2. (used as a Japanese battle cry.)
[1890–95; < Japanese, =ban ten thousand + sai years of age]
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Noun1.banzai - a Japanese cheer of enthusiasm or triumph
cheer - a cry or shout of approval
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