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 (băp-tīz′, băp′tīz′)
v. bap·tized, bap·tiz·ing, bap·tiz·es
1. To admit into Christianity by means of baptism.
a. To cleanse or purify.
b. To initiate.
3. To give a Christian name to a person; christen.
To administer baptism.

[Middle English baptizen, from Old French baptiser, from Late Latin baptīzāre, from Greek baptizein, from baptein, to dip.]

bap·tiz′er n.
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Adj.1.baptized - having undergone the Christian ritual of baptismbaptized - having undergone the Christian ritual of baptism
unbaptised, unbaptized - not having undergone the Christian ritual of baptism
References in classic literature ?
Had she been baptized in that moonlight as a child of the great forest?
But by and by, he said, he would return, --as soon as he felt himself baptized again.
At the age of womanhood, she was, by her own request, baptized, and became a member of the Christian church in the place; and showed so much intelligence, activity and zeal, and desire to do good in the world, that she was at last recommended, and approved as a missionary to one of the stations in Africa; and we have heard that the same activity and ingenuity which, when a child, made her so multiform and restless in her developments, is now employed, in a safer and wholesomer manner, in teaching the children of her own country.
The milk used for it is what the French call "Christian" milk--milk which has been baptized.
I heaved them up, deluged the bed and its occupant, flew back to my own room, brought my own water-jug, baptized the couch afresh, and, by God's aid, succeeded in extinguishing the flames which were devouring it.
in which, betwixt sun and sun, he baptized five hundred heathen Danes and Britons blessed be his name
After the telephone had been born in Boston, baptized in the Patent Office, and given a royal reception at the Philadelphia Centennial, it might be supposed that its life thenceforth would be one of peace and pleasantness.
The Duchess de Longueville has invited me to pass a few days in Normandy, and has deputed me, while her son is being baptized, to go and prepare her residence at Rouen; after which, if nothing new occurs, I shall go and bury myself in my convent at Noisy-le-Sec.
The boy has been baptized in blood; will ye keep the mark fresh and ruddy upon his forehead?
He had for a long time been an associate of the white men, particularly in their wars, and having been, at the season when his services were of importance, much noticed and flattered, he had turned Christian and was baptized by the name of John.
It was not improbable that a most aristocratic origin might be hunted up by the heralds for this name of Malicorne; might it not come from some estate where a bull with mortal horns had caused some great misfortune, and baptized the soil with the blood it had spilt?
And now, sir," she added earnestly, "can you tell me this--will it be just the same for him as if you had baptized him?