bar car

bar′ car`

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Bar Car, the Bay Area's first mobile bar, inverts the typical party setup by bringing the party to the people.
It all started on the bar car, really,'' said Nan Buziak Lexow.
Those proposals, released in November, would curtail the use of GPS devices as a substitute for a taxi meter, prohibit drivers without proper licensing from offering rides for pay, and bar car services from charging extra during hours of peak demand.
But the heavy door to the bar car suddenly swung open and in walked a burly, bearded, tattooed giant of a man.
In the evening, we met our fellow passengers in the bar car, which acts as the social hub of the train.
This stylish bar car is the heart of the train, and the sight and sounds of it packed with elegantly dressed diners, the buzz of conversation and laughter was a highlight of my dream journey onwheels.
After breakfast in my compartment, I joined other passengers in the bar car to chat about our journey before a 'brunch' of smoked salmon and lobster.
Mind the gap as you step onboard the bar car where liveried stewards will be on hand to serve delicious Bellini's.
Fast-forward just nine months and Button, pictured, finds himself in a competitive BAR car but heading for an under-performing Williams team who gave him his break in the sport five years ago.
Fry desperately wants to keep his star turn in a BAR car next season but he exclusively revealed to the Sunday Mirror he is confident his team are winners in the making whether Button stays or goes.
After the FIA questioned the BAR car and an appeal court ruled they had broken fuel and weight rules, Button said: "I have confidence in everyone in the team that we are legit and will always race within what we think is within the rules.
The FIA are meeting on Wednesday for a hearing to discuss whether or not the BAR car that raced at Imola was illegal.