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BARBRI will continue to exclusively facilitate the live Delaware Bar Review Course on-campus where the bar exam is administered.
Available for law students financing costs associated with the bar exam, Sallie Mae's Bar Study Loan currently offers the lowest available APR among national private education lenders, along with no origination or disbursement fees.
89 percent of Campbell Law graduates have passed the July North Carolina Bar Exam on their first try.
The Legal Education Group will spend the next six months studying: breaking the existing formula for becoming a lawyer (how law schools teach; how the bar exam is given); restructuring the curriculum (substantive, practical, experiential, innovative, business of law, professionalism, and character formation); shaping education to meet market needs and needs of consumers of legal services; interconnection of external forces on legal education (bar exam, technology); and competencies needed for the providing of legal services.
Strategies & tactics for the MBE; multistate bar exam, 5th ed.
The Uniform Bar Exam is made up of three components: the multistate Performance Test, the Multistate Essay Examination and the Multistate Bar Examination.
Over a 20-year period, 40 percent of its graduates who took the Maryland bar exam failed it on their first try.
A legally blind law student must be accommodated if entitled to use assistive software to take the bar exam, the 9th Circuit affirmed in Enyart v.
The debate over a uniform bar exam and scoring system that would be accepted by other states is growing.
She recently passed the bar exam that will allow her to practice law in Washington State.