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Having a beard; bearded.

[Latin barbātus, from barba, beard; see barb1.]


(Biology) chiefly biology having tufts of long hairs; bearded
[C19: from Latin barba a beard]
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Adj.1.barbate - having hair on the cheeks and chinbarbate - having hair on the cheeks and chin  
unshaved, unshaven - not shaved
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History shows that on 18 July 711, Tarik, with about 7,000 Berber troops and 300 Arabs, engaged King Roderick leading some 60,000 troops at the Janda Lagoon by the mouth of the Barbate River in southwest Spain.
Danielle bravely accompanied police to the killer's hiding place in the Spanish resort of Barbate to identify him.
Contract notice: Technological and functional renewal of the management system and the electronic system for the first auction sale of fishery products in the lonja del puerto de isla cristina (huelva) includes expansion option barbate fish market supply by 96 900 eur (s / vat).
Ce sont surtout les autorites locales et les marins du petit port de Barbate (extreme sud de l'Espagne) qui ont le plus exprime leur engouement pour la reconduction de l'accord de peche.
Les pecheurs de la localite de Barbate (sud de l'Espagne), les plus affectes par le non renouvellement en 2011 de l'accord de peche Maroc-UE, ont demande, mercredi, a l'eurodepute espagnol, Willy Meyer, du parti de la Gauche Unie, des explications sur son vote au Parlement europeen contre la prorogation dudit accord.
Customs officers found the 36ft UK-registered sloop Poseidon in Barbate harbour and took the boat to Algeciras in the south of Spain.
This barbate was probably one of the plumbi ministri mentioned in Pius's memoirs as intending to build in Pienza.
Manchester United striker and former national team captain Dime tar Barbate, who holds the record with seven awards over the previous nine years, was a distant second with 1955 votes (24 per cent).
BARBATE, Spain: The season for an ancient and spectacular tuna-fishing technique has begun off Spain's southwest coast, and fishermen fear it could soon disappear if fleets of factory ships elsewhere keep overfishing prized Atlantic bluefin tuna.
2006: Following his fine form for Mexico youth side he's snapped 2007: Unable to play for Barca's B side without EU passport, so loaned out to minnows Barbate.
Since it started production, Otley Brewing has placed great emphasis on its branding, with an effort to move the real ale public image away from its traditional stereotype drunk by the barbate drinker, bedecked in woolly jumper with suede elbow pads.
For the last seven or eight years, we've seen a drought in the catch," says Diego Crespo, who fishes off the town of Barbate, south of Cadiz.