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1. Christianity a Waldensian missionary
2. (Clothing & Fashion) a type of high, pleated collar worn by widows and nuns in Medieval times


1. a point or pointed part projecting backward from a main point, as of a fishhook or arrowhead.
2. an obviously or openly unpleasant or carping remark.
3. a hooked or sharp bristle.
4. one of the series of paired parallel rods that attach to the central shaft of a feather and form its web. See illus. at feather.
5. one of a breed of domestic pigeons, similar to the carriers or homers, having a short, broad bill.
a. any of numerous small, Old World cyprinid fishes of the genera Barbus and Puntius, often kept in aquariums.
7. Also, barbe. a linen covering for the neck and breast, worn by women in mourning in the 14th to 16th centuries.
8. Obs. a beard.
9. to furnish with a barb or barbs.
[1300–50; Middle English barbe < Middle French « Latin barba beard, beardlike projection]



one of a breed of horses related to the Arabian, raised orig. in Barbary.
[1630–40; < French barbe < Italian barbero, derivative of Barberia Barbary]
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The guests now all took leave of Athos, excepting the old Duc de Barbe, who, as an old friend of the family of La Valliere, went to see little Louise and offered to take her to Blois in his carriage.
His work there caught the attention of conductor Timothy Vernon, who, in 1992, invited Barbe to design Mozart's Die Enyiihrung airs dem Serail for Pacific Opera Victoria.
Ce dernier a donne ses directives pour traduire devant un comite disciplinaire tout officier de Police qui laissera pousser sa barbe.
Trained by Philippe Barbe, the The President-owned five-year-old chestnut horse, who lost the Prep race for this event by a short head to Vite Royale over the same 11-furlong distance last month, made no mistake this time.
Wimbledon are set to sign Belgian superkid Steve Barbe for pounds 1million.
There are some sites Mattel would probably rather give a wide berth, like the Hacker Barbe Dream Basement (http://www.
A l'occasion de cette manifestation, plusieurs concours, comme le saut d'obstacles du cheval arabe et barbe et les competitions d'endurance, auront lieu au centre d'entraEnement equestre et le circuit hippique [beaucoup moins que]Chaouchaoua[beaucoup plus grand que].
Montreal-based designer Andre Barbe was awarded the Rolf Mares Prize in the category of Outstanding Set and Costume Design for his fanciful creations in a production of Rossini's La Cenerentola.
Greg Barbe, Executive Vice President of Foamex's Northeast Foam Products Group, said, "The Auburn, Indiana facility is centrally located to our furniture, bedding and automotive customers in the midwest.
Barbe - L'Anse aux Meadows, to announce a new fire truck for that community.
Il risque d'avoir des surprises au pari mutuel de ce Lundi a l'hippodrome Sidi Nail de Djelfa, oE treize concurrents de race Arabe Barbe prendront part au prix Hassi Bahbah reserve en la circonstance aux paris Quarte et Quinte et qui devront se placer tres vite a l'ouverture des stalles, car la distance selectionnee reussit le mieux aux coursiers qui deboulent tres vite, et dessert les retardataires qui, mal partis, perdent le plus clair de leurs chances a cet instant et cela peut deboucher sur une arrivee dans un mouchoir, comme on dit dans le jargon hippique.
Philippe Barbe and Kieren Fallon taste twin victories in purebred Arabian contests in Abu Dhabi