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also bar·ca·rolle  (bär′kə-rōl′)
1. A Venetian gondolier's song with a rhythm suggestive of rowing.
2. A composition imitating a Venetian gondolier's song.

[French, from Italian barcaruola, from barcaruolo, gondolier, from barca, boat, from Latin; see bark3.]
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Noun1.barcarolle - a boating song sung by Venetian gondoliersbarcarolle - a boating song sung by Venetian gondoliers
song, vocal - a short musical composition with words; "a successful musical must have at least three good songs"
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Sonya was sitting at the clavichord, playing the prelude to Denisov's favorite barcarolle.
The next dance was beginning; it was the Barcarolle out of Hoffman, which made Helen beat her toe in time to it; but she felt that after such a compliment it was impossible to get up and go, and, besides being amused, she was really flattered, and the honesty of his conceit attracted her.
I will be playing all the pieces I recorded in my new album, which will be released very soon, including Liszt B minor Sonata and Chopin Impromptus, as well as [some] favourites such as Chopin Barcarolle and Scherzo.
Contract notice: Mrs saint-joseph - mrs la lainire - mrs la barcarolle - tv rental and maintenance
In precious few recordings are the development passages of the first movement as sonically transparent as on this recording, which, however, in places lacks sufficient rhythmic and agogic elasticity, for instance, in the barcarolle sections of the introductory movement.
Grein, British impresario and dramatic critic, also underlined the appeal of Chinese theatre to the "imaginative powers" of the audiences and the modern advantage of its imaginative scenic simplicity over the laborious European scenic naturalism: "Curiously enough, the Chinese setting of two chairs with a piece of brocaded red silk carelessly draped over them is a more fanciful love-boat than, for instance, the laborious Venetian scenery which in the barcarolle of the 'Contes d'Hoffmann' we saw at Hammerstein's.
15) For a particularly accessible example, Examples 4 and 5 show how Balakirev's "Barkarola," a setting of Heine's "Das Fischermadchen," begins with a barely disguised reference to Schubert's earlier setting of the same text (from Schwanengesang)--the two songs share a rocking barcarolle rhythm and Balakirev also borrowed the contour of Schubert's opening vocal line.
Her song undulated like a lullaby against the pulsating rhythm of a barcarolle (boat song) that Najib on the piano eloquently crafted with the running passages flutist Maigue essayed.
Here, Faure's Third Barcarolle (1885-1886) and Ravel's Jeux d'eau (1901) played significant roles in the future trajectory of French keyboard repertoire.
The finale's opening outburst was anguished and the coda's quiet barcarolle recalled Joseph Conrad's vision of the Thames which "seemed to lead into the heart of an immense darkness".
The appendix contains a more detailed discussion of Chopin's Barcarolle and Fourth Ballade.
Olga and Lensky in Act I dance a pas de deux to the June Barcarolle.