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bard 1

1. One of an ancient Celtic order of minstrel poets who composed and recited verses celebrating the legendary exploits of chieftains and heroes.
2. A poet, especially a lyric poet.

[Middle English, from Irish and Scottish Gaelic bard and from Welsh bardd; see gwerə- in Indo-European roots.]

bard′ic adj.

bard 2

also barde  (bärd)
A piece of armor used to protect or ornament a horse.
tr.v. bard·ed, bard·ing, bards
1. To equip (a horse) with bards.
2. To cover (meat) in thin pieces of bacon or fat to preserve moisture during cooking.

[Middle English barde, from Old French, from Old Italian barda, from Arabic barda'a, packsaddle, from Persian pardah; see purdah.]
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Adj.1.bardic - being a bard or relating to a bard's poetrybardic - being a bard or relating to a bard's poetry; "bardic poetry"


adj poetry etcbardisch
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The topics include the idea of the temple in Mormon history; Theosophical concepts in literature, visual media, and popular culture; the Anthroposophical movement and the Waldorf educational system; Gurdjieff's sacred dances and movements; bardic chairs and the emergent performance practices of paganism; reggae as cultural expressions of Rastafarian theology; the intricate relation between the metal band Therion and the magic order Dragon Rouge; localization and universal form in the Baha'i house of worship; and visualizing lost temple and mapping a straightening world in Solomon Islands as two cultural products of the Deep Sea Canoe movement.
Crimmings with in memory of Aged 21, he entered one of the eisteddfodau in Quakers Yard using the bardic name Alaw Goch.
Plans for a couple of bardic chairs between Cuba and Cyprus in the UN building in New York will have to be put on indefinite hold.
The Bardic Handbook: The Complete Manual for the Twenty-First Century Bard" promises to set you on the bardic path in the modern age, seeking to improve your public speaking skills, enchant audiences with poetry, storytelling, and songs, while celebrating your community and cultural handbook.
PROBLEMS associated with tobacco, drink and drugs abuse pose the most serious dangers to Irish youth since the foundation of the State, the National President of the Irish Bardic Federation John Hassett claimed yesterday.
Consisting of the brands Bardic Services, Gent Services and Trend Services, Novar Services provide the support of a nationwide operation through local delivery, with over 230 engineers offering 24/7/365 call out and telephone technical support.
Mr Jones paid a visit to Yr Ysgwrn in Trawsfynydd, which was the home of Hedd Wyn, the bardic name of Ellis Evans, a poet who was killed at the Battle of Pilkem Ridge in World War I.
A bardic chair from the same ceremony is still used in the town council chamber and both will be reunited for the first time since that ceremony on Thursday.
Aptly named Druids Close, the one-time area of vast green land has been transformed into a much sought-after residential development surrounding the historical Bardic Circle.
and lets nephew keep promise THE future of a Bardic Chair won by a poet killed during the First World War has been secured.
Drawing on feminist, postcolonial and queer theory, McKibben (Irish language and literature, Notre Dame) examines the response to impinging English colonialism by early modern Ireland's hereditary bardic professional poets.
No doubt we can both look forward to plenty of bogus celticity and bardic folkiness with the Eisteddfod.