bare bone

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Noun1.bare bone - bone stripped of fleshbare bone - bone stripped of flesh    
bone, os - rigid connective tissue that makes up the skeleton of vertebrates
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I say what other people only think, and when all the rest of the world is in a conspiracy to accept the mask for the true face, mine is the rash hand that tears off the plump pasteboard, and shows the bare bones beneath.
Lastly, there they were, sitting on the desolate shore of this very island, hungry and downcast, and looking ruefully at the bare bones of the stag which they devoured yesterday.
Andy 'The Pieman' Smith does not have a bare bone on his body.
Directed by Jean-Francois Monette, 2000, Bare Bone Films Inc.
This report covers the world's 19 top Bare Bone System manufacturers and vendors.
Advanced Circuits, the only quick-turn printed circuit board manufacturer with easy, real-time customer service, today introduced a new prototype PCB service designed to cut project time and costs to the bare bone.
And Bare Bones Border Morris from Loughborough were invited to dance and hold a workshop at the group's third annual conference and held at the British Library, London.
GATEACRE School drama students were thrilled to take part in the Bare Bones Tour of Liverpool, as some of the "out of this world" visitors as part of this year's Hallowe'en Lantern Parade from the Lantern Company.
And Grayson (below) revealed: "Having lost Paddy McCarthy a couple of weeks ago and Paul Huntington is just not quite ready, centre-half is a position where we are down to the bare bones.
North east-based touring exhibition company Blue Tokay Ltd has loaned the museum two displays from their Bare Bones collection, which looks at the anatomy of animals in an unusual way.
com)-- The story of a unique reunion, long thought utterly impossible, is coming to Bare Bones Film and Music Festival in Oklahoma.