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Captain Wentworth left his seat, and walked to the fire-place; probably for the sake of walking away from it soon afterwards, and taking a station, with less bare-faced design, by Anne.
The bird complained to the dog of this bare-faced robbery, but nothing he said was of any avail, for the dog answered that he found false credentials on the sausage, and that was the reason his life had been forfeited.
Aglaya had cheated and changed cards, and stolen others, in the most bare-faced way, but, in spite of everything the prince had beaten her hopelessly five times running, and she had been left "little fool" each time.
Deed if I did I should be better pleased, for he has been a good friend to us, but what maddens me is that every penny of it should go to those bare-faced scoundrels.
You see, I am carrying you off in the most bare-faced fashion," she began, motioning him to a seat by her side, "but really you are such an elusive person, and only this morning, in the midst of that awful thunder of bombs, when we stood on the roof and looked at London breaking out into flames, I couldn't help thinking--remembering, I mean--how short a time it is since you and I were face to face with the other horror and you saved my life.
He was thoroughly beaten by the law, and the bare-faced robbery held good.
Your Honor," he cried, "never have I heard such a pack of lies told by so bare-faced a liar--
It's simply bare-faced fortune hunting; but there you are--she is her own mistress, and she's married him.
Which prevarication was bare-faced, by virtue of his having just installed the ram and piped the land.
That just sounds like bare-faced cheek in light of the PS1.
FORMER Hollyoaks actress Gemma Merna has gone bare-faced to champion the beauty effects of skincare over Botox.
It was a bare-faced lie that he had separated from her and that her earnings were to be disregarded.