(ˈbɛərˈnʌk əl)

also bare′knuck′led,

1. (of a prizefight, prizefighter, etc.) without boxing gloves; using the bare fists.
2. without conventional niceties: bareknuckle bargaining.
3. in a rough-and-tumble manner.
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2 in the world went at each other like bareknuckle prizefighters.
At just four days' notice, Brady agreed to fight UFC legend Melvin Guillard in a bareknuckle scrap - "The craziest decision I've ever made
But fight fans know him as Pete Radford, hard-as-nails scrapper on the growing bareknuckle boxing circuit.
A polarising figure known as Kimbo Slice, Kevin Ferguson senior rose to notoriety when footage of his bareknuckle bouts went viral.
Autobiography Gypsy Boy and its sequel Gypsy Boy: On The Run chronicled Walsh's experiences growing up and, knowing that he was gay, running away from the Romany community of champion bareknuckle fighters in England in the 1980s and 1990s.
Then there's the rather bizarre story of the bareknuckle boxer Paddy Monaghan, who started a campaign of support for Ali which saw the pair become lifelong friends.
Then there's the bizarre story of bareknuckle boxer Paddy Monaghan, who started a campaign for Ali that saw them become lifelong friends.
The 58-year-old former bareknuckle fighter sat with his hand resting on his father's coffin throughout the service and tributes, which included video footage of Mr Doherty senior in a horse race and a group of Irish dancers.
After two hours and 27 minutes the bareknuckle match was declared a draw in chaotic and controversial circumstances after Heenan tried to strangle Sayers, the crowd invaded the ring and the police were seen to be moving in.
Rab says his tales of his family's life influenced McIlvanney's 1985 book The Big Man and that the author - whose funeral will take place at Glasgow University on Wednesday - confirmed the story of ex-miner Danny Scoular, who turns to bareknuckle fighting for a living, was influenced by Rab's father Jimmy.