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Noun1.bargain hunter - a shopper who hunts for bargainsbargain hunter - a shopper who hunts for bargains  
shopper - someone who visits stores in search of articles to buy
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BARGAIN HUNTER Jennifer Lawrence BARGAIN HUNTER Jennifer Lawrence
But if you are a bargain hunter and your kids can stay up later, most seats for tonight's show are $14.
I'm always looking for ways to improve the Bargain Hunter blog, so I took a reader suggestion to heart and gathered a list of reliable Web sites for coupon codes.
VISITORS to a city charity will soon be sitting comfortably, thanks to Bargain Hunter.
Bargain hunter Christine Harkins, 57 yesterday, is a retired pharmacy assistant from Pontypridd who frequents car boot sales to collect books.
It may sound odd to describe someone purchasing a million-plus-dollar apartment as a bargain hunter, but for foreign buyers, Manhattan is on sale.
RICHARD CHILTON has high hopes his basketball stand, base and hoop will net him pounds 80 through Bargain Hunter.
Teesside's Christmas sales have made one bargain hunter a happy camper this year.
A distant second to the bargain hunter -- representing about 16% of all internet shoppers -- is the "traditional" shopper, who prefers to shop in a store but is not above making online purchases.
Are you a bargain hunter - if yes, what is the greatest bargain you've ever found?
BARGAIN HUNTER IN YOUR INBOX: I'm now e-mailing the day's Bargain Hunter posts to anybody who signs up.
WORKERS at the Coventry Deaf Association have been busily snapping up bargains after winning some cash in our great Barclays and Bargain Hunter competition.