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intr.v. bar·hopped, bar·hop·ping, bar·hops Slang
To patronize a series of bars during an evening.


vb (intr)
to visit several bars in succession



v.i. -hopped, -hop•ping.
to go to a succession of bars or nightclubs, with a brief stay at each.
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We stepped out into the dark garden night And made a beeline for no certain spot, Which turned into the spot from the first night We chilled, stared, sipped tequila then barhopped.
So they barhopped, to five or six different local bars, where they played pool and darts--and drank.
As Ford wrote his sister, they did "light things, and lots of things" together, had photos made by Gilles Pax, barhopped through Montmartre, and danced at the Boeuf sur le Toit.