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intr.v. bar·hopped, bar·hop·ping, bar·hops Slang
To patronize a series of bars during an evening.


vb (intr)
to visit several bars in succession



v.i. -hopped, -hop•ping.
to go to a succession of bars or nightclubs, with a brief stay at each.
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Steve Rubin, chairman of the downtown advisory commission, said the concept isn't an efficient mode of transportation and could encourage barhopping.
You know about Uber and Lyft, but if you're barhopping in downtown Sarasota, there's one more ride-sharing option you need to plug into your phone: the i-Ride.
Until then, I was on trajectory to be a barhopping wannabe author who would have taken the path of least resistance to a day-job in insurance to support his habit (i.
Barhopping and clubbing eventually lead to an encounter with Chirag, a handsome Jain Indian whose mystique captivates Jennifer.
Miller, a watchman, was left on the ship when Pemberton's group went barhopping on the night Laude was found dead.
Summary: Saturday night transforms Beirut into a hub of barhopping and nightclubbing.
When she is not walking with rhinos in South Africa or sleeping in ice hotels in Norway, she enjoys barhopping at her home base in West Hollywood.
While the plethora of entertainment venues is certainly good for tourism, there is an environmental impact of barhopping that few think about: the waste produced by empty alcohol bottles from these establishments.
MB Lifestyle went barhopping to get into the spirit(s).
121) He began drinking heavily, eventually developing a regular barhopping route from his home to the stadium.
Barhopping and clubbing seemed "very unintentional" forms of entertainment to Williams.
Wolfe also goes barhopping before writing in his journal, making note of the daunting landscapes he has viewed: "the Great American Plain opening with infinite lift and rise and vastness to the fore--so towards the Rockies and the lift and rise and heaving of the Earth Mass--so the Blackfoot reservation turn and Browning--all confused disorderly and Indian" (53).