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intr.v. bar·hopped, bar·hop·ping, bar·hops Slang
To patronize a series of bars during an evening.


vb (intr)
to visit several bars in succession



v.i. -hopped, -hop•ping.
to go to a succession of bars or nightclubs, with a brief stay at each.
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Summary: Saturday night transforms Beirut into a hub of barhopping and nightclubbing.
While the plethora of entertainment venues is certainly good for tourism, there is an environmental impact of barhopping that few think about: the waste produced by empty alcohol bottles from these establishments.
Barhopping and clubbing seemed "very unintentional" forms of entertainment to Williams.
Cody does not take his illness lying down; after a chemotherapy treatment, he goes barhopping, snorts cocaine, and beds the first of many lovers readers will meet, from a stripper-dominatrix to his hospital pain doctor.
Bands, barhopping, and barbecue feature prominently here, for queers and others.
A great value set of the first five albums that launched Waits' illustrious career and defined his distinctly rogueish barhopping character.
NEW TO HIS COMMAND, then-BM3 Ryan Crowell hooked up with some buddies from his last command, USS Kittyhawk, for some Friday night barhopping at the oceanfront in Virginia Beach.
As Gribler quipped, "It's hard for me to believe that the man I used to do the second act of Giselle with, hung out with in the subways of Philadelphia when we were young and barhopping, has been such a great boss for the past 15 years
One night, I was barhopping with some friends when a man yelled out, "Hey, Jackie Chan
We did a lot of barhopping, but after ten years I couldn't keep up.
While barhopping one night in Manhattan's Lower East Side, 35-year-old Eric Cash, a failed writer and burned-out restaurant manager, witnesses his charismatic coworker Ike Marcus being gunned down in an attempted robbery.
Retail never stops, and the Temple Street night market offers an alternative to barhopping.