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bare 1

adj. bar·er, bar·est
1. Lacking the usual or appropriate covering or clothing; naked: a bare arm.
2. Exposed to view; undisguised: bare fangs.
3. Lacking the usual furnishings, equipment, or decoration: bare walls.
4. Having no addition, adornment, or qualification: the bare facts.
5. Just sufficient; mere: the bare necessities.
6. Obsolete Bareheaded.
tr.v. bared, bar·ing, bares
1. To make bare; uncover or reveal: bared their heads; baring secrets.
2. To expose: The dog bared its teeth.

[Middle English bar, from Old English bær; see bhoso- in Indo-European roots.]

bare′ness n.

bare 2

v. Archaic
A past tense of bear1.


(Biography) Evelyn, 1st Earl of Cromer. 1841–1917, English administrator. As consul general in Egypt with plenipotentiary powers, he controlled the Egyptian government from 1883 to 1907
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Noun1.Baring - the removal of coveringbaring - the removal of covering    
remotion, removal - the act of removing; "he had surgery for the removal of a malignancy"
disforestation, deforestation - the removal of trees
cornhusking - the act of removing the husks from ears of corn
References in classic literature ?
He skipped nimbly out of reach of each threatening female--for such is the way of apes, if they be not in one of their occasional fits of bestial rage--and he growled back at the truculent young bulls, baring his canine teeth even as they.
Several other bulls, growling and barking, closed in toward the clearing, but they were all much farther from the balu and the panther than was Tarzan of the Apes, so it was that Sheeta and the ape-man reached Teeka's little one almost simultaneously; and there they stood, one upon either side of it, baring their fangs and snarling at each other over the little creature.
Babson Capital Management LLC, its subsidiaries Cornerstone Real Estate Advisers LLC and Wood Creek Capital Management, LLC, and Baring Asset Management Limited, announced today their intention to combine and use the Barings brand.
Baring more skin then those seven combined was former ``Baywatch'' babe Traci Bingham in hot pink pants and purple, pink and white body jewels by Tina Marie strategically pasted to her bare upper body.
It was fitting that the latest collapse of the Baring Brothers Bank should coincide with the all but formal takeover of the Canadian government by international creditors.
Platt-after many years of research in the Baring Papers-completed a long manuscript in 1978 entitled "The Sixth Great Power, 1763-1870.
BOSTON -- Baring Asset Management today announces the appointment of Marek Michejda and Bill Tsotsos, CFA to its North American Institutional sales operation.
1 August 2012 - British investment management firm Baring Asset Management, or Barings, a subsidiary of US MassMutual Financial Group, said today it had agreed to take over South Korean asset manager SEI Asset Korea Co Ltd, or SEIAK.
The bank can trace its roots back to 1717 when Francis Baring started a business in Exeter.
BOSTON -- Baring Asset Management announced today that it has been named Money Management Letter's Equity Manager of the Year.
Baring Asset Management is an international investment management firm with investment skills, clients and business locations spanning world markets.
BOSTON -- Baring Asset Management announces that Chief Investment Officer Michael Hughes will be retiring at the end of 2007.