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Noun1.baritone horn - the second lowest brass wind instrumentbaritone horn - the second lowest brass wind instrument
brass instrument, brass - a wind instrument that consists of a brass tube (usually of variable length) that is blown by means of a cup-shaped or funnel-shaped mouthpiece
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A 4 Brass Quartet, from left, |cornet player Jamie Smith, solo horn Jonathan Bates, baritone horn Michael Cavanagh and euphonium player Christopher Robertson
She spends her days off playing the baritone horn with the Glyndwr University Brass Band and is now tuning up to use her expertise in the fields of audit and tax to help Coxeys' ''' clients.
Rick Cehon, president of the Board of Directors, is one of the band's original musicians --playing trumpet and baritone horn with the group.
Patrick plays the euphonium and baritone horn in brass bands and St Mary's Swing Band.
She enthusiastically agreed, and said that starting next school year, perhaps her son would drop karate, viola, swimming, baritone horn, basketball, junior debate team, chess, drama club, origami, basket-weaving, water polo, nose-picking and therapy; that is, if he agrees to the changes.
I was in high school jazz band, but I started off playing trumpet and baritone horn.
She's among a class of students at St Joseph's to benefit from an orchestrated Government campaign, launched two years ago, to encourage more youngsters to take up music - and in particular instruments such as the baritone horn, bassoon, oboe and the double bass.
This year's finalists play violin, cello, oboe, clarinet, flute, baritone horn, harp, piano or guitar.
The exceptions are: timpani notation and carryover of accidentals, which can produce semitone errors; natural harmonics notated at lingered pitch, which can produce errors of a few large intervals; baritone horn and euphonium clef dependencies, which can produce errors of a major ninth; and scordatura and scores in C, which can lead to errors of almost any range.
Nadeau plays tuba and baritone horn in the school band.
For music fans, a member of the Easington Colliery Band shows you how to play the baritone horn - taking you through the basics of how to play a note and a scale.
At music classes I learned to play the baritone horn, the drums and the guitar which has become my first love.