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Noun1.baritone voice - the second lowest adult male singing voicebaritone voice - the second lowest adult male singing voice
singing voice - the musical quality of the voice while singing
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He had a good baritone voice and always led the singing when we went to church services at the sod schoolhouse.
With a fantastic live and energetic six piece band, including the award winning JP Mac as Johnny Cash, whose baritone voice and tone is scarily uncanny to the Man in Black's himself.
Known for his distinctive baritone voice, Cathey began his career with bit roles in late-1980s/early '90s films including 'Crossing Delancey', 'Penn & Teller Get Killed', 'Born on the Fourth of July', 'Quick Change' and 'What About Bob?
McDermott's skilful mannerisms and voice convinced us all he was a far more mature actor but the biggest shock was when the former EastEnders star opened his mouth to sing with a rich baritone voice.
He lent his baritone voice to a variety of radio programmes and acted in several plays on PTV in the '60s, '70s and '80s.
Willie XO, who stands next to the pool on the large balcony backing the hilltop with a scenic background, begins the lines emoted with love overtures in his baritone voice.
Grant was given the same courtesy as well, but his was served in an intimidating baritone voice, much to the delight of everyone on the set.
The big, tough boyo from the Valleys with a carpet of chest hair and growling baritone voice had scores of adulterous flings, a long affair with Miss World and fans throwing their knickers at him.
Oscar's baritone voice works well and is lifted when counterpointed with a female backing vocal.
0121 643 0428 MUSIC Josh Groban Internationally renowned singer, songwriter and actor whose baritone voice is instantly recognisable.
He has a baritone voice of a quality that the baritone writing this can only aspire to.
Sara said: "The evening will present a sublime mix of music by Brahms, Robert and Clara Schumann for Piano, Violin and Baritone voice - from the wistful romanticism of Clara Schumann's 3 Romances for Violin and Piano, to the exuberance of Brahms's Intermezzi for solo piano and the profound emotional depths reached by Schumann in songs from his famous song cycle, Dichterliebe.