barley water

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barley water

(Cookery) a drink made from an infusion of barley, usually flavoured with lemon or orange

bar′ley wa`ter

water in which barley has been boiled, used as a home remedy to soothe and nourish someone who is ill.

Barley water

A nourishing drink made by boiling barley in water and adding sugar.
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Noun1.barley water - used to feed infants
broth - a thin soup of meat or fish or vegetable stock

barley water

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So that's barley water, strawberries and burnt BBQs, then.
A chilled jug of Robinson's Lemon Barley Water reminds me of watching Wimbledon, back when tennis was a skilful, enjoyable game, and not the cannon fight it has largely become today.
Price: PS25 Morrisons 5-Y-O Distillers Choice Blended Malt - Silver Outstanding What the judges said: "Bluebird Toffee and malty notes of biscuit and barley water are the driver for the nose, while on the palate there are notes of mint, basil, thyme and vanilla.
It's strawberries and cream and Robinson's Barley Water.
Having a tennis court in your garden is certainly a luxury and while they take a little maintenance to keep in good condition (regular cleaning, drainage inspection, resurfacing, line marking), what is more quintessentially English than taking a jug or two of Robinson's barley water down to your own playing surface?
ha-1, barley water extract, brassica water extract, barley+brassica water extract and its combinations with 25, 50 and 75% rates of haloxyfop 10.
ANDY MURRAY faces the bad boy of tennis tonight - in tennis you're a bad boy if you don't wash your glass after drinking the barley water.
And they also stop said snoring SUDDENLY, making you jump out your bed at midnight ready to kiss back to life a woman whose teeth are floating by the bed, in the glass you may or not have been offered barley water from earlier that day.
In addition barley water has been used for various medicinal purposes.
Gruv Beverages was inspired by Lemon Barley Water which Sandra Marlowe, the family's matriarch, was introduced to on a trip to England.
As an infant, little Suri was fed a mixture of barley water, milk and corn syrup instead of formula or breast milk, as prescribed by founder L.