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ba·rong 1

 (bə-rông′, -rŏng′)
A long, broad, leaf-shaped knife used as both a weapon and tool by the Moros of the Philippines.

[Maranao (Austronesian language of the southern Philippines); akin to Malay parang, parang.]

ba·rong 2

 (bə-rông′, -rŏng′)
A lightweight, embroidered shirt of Filipino origin, having a collar, a straight hem worn outside the pants, and buttons partway or all the way down the front.

[Tagalog, from baro ng Tagalog : baro, garment for the upper body, dress + ng, linking particle + Tagalog, Tagalog.]


(Arms & Armour (excluding Firearms)) a broad-bladed cleaver-like knife used in the Philippines
[from Moro; see parang]


(bɑˈrɔŋ, -ˈrɒŋ, bə-)

a large, broad-bladed knife or cleaver used by the Moros.
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Noun1.barong - a knife resembling a cleaverbarong - a knife resembling a cleaver; used in the Philippines
knife - edge tool used as a cutting instrument; has a pointed blade with a sharp edge and a handle
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The Amok disdained firearms and instead depended upon the Moro's traditional edged weapons, the kris, barong and kampilan to slash his enemies to death.
In addition to President Aquino's speech as Guest of Honor, the black-tie/formal barong tagalog event will include recognition of outstanding Filipino achievers in the fields of education, research and development, entrepreneurship in science and engineering, and will also feature world-class entertainment with a concert presentation of an original Filipino musical, "Long Season", based on Carlos Bulosan's novel, "America is in the Heart", performed by Filipino-American Broadway stars and the Filipino American Symphony Orchestra (FASO).
The tour includes a Barong Dance performance at Batubulan, a visit to the village of Mas, and to the pilgrimage site of Gunung Kawi, known for bathing pools and holy springs.
In one of the photographs, the duo cross-dressed with the woman wearing the traditional men's formal Barong Tagalog while the groom wore a wedding gown.
The first stop was to a Barong and Kris dance, a battle between good and evil re-enacted with the precise feet and hand movements that we associate with Balinese dance, the hands arched stiffly back.
Estrada, wearing a traditional barong tagalog and a band printed with the presidential seal on his right wrist, was in a pensive mood throughout the almost four-hour court proceedings.
She is one of the leading characters in a colorful dance/drama called The Barong.
But Manny Singson, wearing the traditional Filipino dress shirt known as a barong, said Our Lady of Guadalupe has appeal beyond Mexico.
Barong and kris dance: Representing the eternal fight between good and evil, the beginning of this presentation was a burlesque, replete with a snapping dragon made up of two players under a long tiger costume, masked and padded comedians, and a "monkey" who bit off the nose of the hero, After the comic relief came a tale of servants, Rangda the "heavy," lovers Dewi Kunti and Sahadewa, witches, possession, transmogrification, fighting, death, and immortality.
Episode 4: Ceremony & Society explores the role of masks, costumes, sculpture, and other objects used in rituals and spectacles around the world, including a Balinese Barong ritual, initiation rites performed by the Mende women of Sierra Leone, Caribbean Carnival parades, and performances at the annual Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert.
Representing the pro-life group in the debate, Pacquiao wore a red barong Tagalog, a formal Philippine attire.
From buying your new friends a round of drinks at Gatsby's Wine and Tapas Bar to splurging on a massage at the Barong Spa, we're sure you'll find a way to put your shipboard credit to good use.