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The 32-year-old artist, known for her melancholic baroque pop and tales of ill-fated love, said she was feeling "a little more emotional than I thought" as she opened a concert Monday night in Atlanta.
Baroque pop is a description that has been applied to everyone from The Zombies and early Bee Gees to Fleet Foxes and Grizzly Bear.
However, where their previous collaboration resulted in Eastern-European-inspired baroque pop and orchestral folk, Familia sees Sophie - daughter of TV presenter Janet Ellis - return to the soft disco sounds she's best known for.
The old baroque pop sound is back - although slightly more mainstream and upbeat than first time around.
A master stroke of baroque pop featuring layered instrumentals, it mixes the haunting harmonies of Beach Boys with the wry wink of Orange Juice.
The band have spent two years maturing their harmony-heavy sound and eight months developing Who Knows Where The Time Goes - seven tracks of folk rock and baroque pop written to be listened to as a whole.
Veckatimest earned its popularity on a scale that is uncharacteristic for an indie band whose music hops and mixes up genres such as baroque pop, psychedelic rock and folk music.
Ships, with its psych-pop flourishes and liquid guitar, is reminiscent of British baroque pop, and for all the 1970s-referencing ingredients, this is a thoroughly modern record.
A New York-based art director and writer, this colleague of the Magnetic Fields' Stephin Merritt doesn't dumb down his baroque pop confections.
T)he call-and-response chorus - 'I've never given up on you' - stays etched in the memory within two bars," states the NPR review, which calls the band's style baroque pop.
He comes to Bangor following a run of summer UK festivals and as part of a second headline tour, having released his debut album of literate, folky baroque pop this year, confusingly called 2013.