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n. pl. barramundi or bar·ra·mun·dis
A catadromous food and game fish (Lates calcarifer) found from the Indian Ocean to the western Pacific. It is an important commercial species in Australia.

[Probably of Aboriginal origin.]


n, pl -dis, -dies or -di
(Animals) any of several large edible Australian fishes esp the percoid species Lates calcarifer (family Centropomidae) of NE coastal waters or the freshwater species Scleropages leichardti (family Osteoglossidae) of Queensland
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Noun1.barramundi - a species of large perch noted for its sporting and eating qualities; lives in marine, estuary, and freshwater habitats
genus Lates, Lates - a genus of large percoid fishes of fresh and brackish water
fish species - a species of fish
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The country lacks for relevant experience and technical personnel, however, so as part of this project consultants will be dispatched to assist in establishing a stock of healthy date palm seedlings and in producing a disease-free stock of barramundi (sea bass) fry and, in turn, encouraging local fish farmers to cultivate produce other than farmed shrimp.
Lime-Coconut Water Poached Crispy-Skinned Barramundi with Edamame-Wasabi Whipped Potatoes, Carrot Ginger Reduction and Arugula Greens Alan Hudalla, Culinary Director Noah Sharpe-Stirewalt, Cook Cuyuna Regional Medical Center & Heartwood Senior Living Community Crosby, MN
The Press Club's a la carte menu for this traditional holiday features dishes like the New Zealand beef tenderloin, peanut-crusted lamb loin, pan fried duck breast and barramundi fillet, to name just a few.
Massachusetts defines aquaculture to include farms that raise trout, salmon, tilapia, barramundi, bait, mollusks (clams and oysters), leeches, alligators and eels.
They prepared three different types of barramundi dishes -- barbecue, deep fried and traditional Omani style dish (Sallonah).
Passengers can also choose from meals inspired by the route such as Seared Salmon (UK), Smoky Barbeque Beef (USA), Rice Noodles (Singapore), and Tahini Barramundi (Dubai).
The hotel incorporates a unique open air rainforest garden with a barramundi pond, providing an excellent space for guests to relax.
As I continue trying to catch what proves to be an elusive barramundi, Neville sparks up a fire, wraps the kangaroo tail with river gum leaves, then buries it in the ground to cook.
We have been offering Barramundi fish, a sustainable fish with origins from Australia that is grown in Aquaculture farms in Taiwan, under Australian Aquaculture specialist directions.
Dishes focus on Australia's outback cuisine and Aboriginal culture, with orders such as kangaroo sirloin (Dh140, served with sweet potato fritter, quandong chili glaze and pak choi), baked barramundi and seared Queensland scallops, with an open fire pit in the restaurant.
Complementing the local catch is a feast of international seafood from Omani prawns and lobster, Pacific tuna, Australian barramundi, Mediterranean fish species and a dedicated live seafood section that will sell, live local fish, organic fish, international fish as well as scallops, oysters, prawns, lobsters, crabs, mussels, clams and, more.