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 (bə-răng′kə) also bar·ran·co (-kō)
n. pl. bar·ran·cas also bar·ran·cos Southwestern US
1. A deep ravine or gorge.
2. A bluff.

[Spanish, probably of Iberian origin.]


(bəˈræŋkə) or


n, pl -cas or -cos
(Physical Geography) Southwestern US a ravine or precipice
[C19: from Spanish, of uncertain origin]
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As the mist parted, and the sun broke through, it gleamed and shimmered with dazzling brightness upon the armor and headpieces of a vast body of horsemen who stretched across the barranca from one cliff to the other, and extended backwards until their rear guard were far out upon the plain beyond.
A quarter of a mile from Glen Ellen, after the second bridge is passed, to the right will be noticed a barranca that runs like a scar across the rolling land toward a group of wooded knolls.
Keller Williams' Irvine market center is located at 4010 Barranca Pkwy, Suite 100.
Hoyos further added that the first antennas have already been deployed in Cumaral and Barranca de Upia, and users can connect to the internet at speeds of up to 1 Gbps.
PDVSA also bought for $100m Repsol's gas-drilling rights in Barranca.
At first, I wanted to write this journal on the visit to the Barranca, but then I thought more into it.
Barranca has over 25 years of experience in public accounting, specializing in the taxation of real estate transactions, partnerships, joint ventures and financial workouts.
Cary Grant stars as Geoff Carter who runs a small airline on the remote South American banana port of Barranca.
Shady is a well known researcher of the Caral civilization, based in Supe valley, province of Barranca in Lima region.
Jeremy Lydiatt, from Mansell, with pupils Alex Prosser, Noemi Barranca and Serena Hammond from King Charles I School, in Kidderminster
Ruiz's daughter, Maribel Barranca, 20, said her family has lived on the farm for 14 years.