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also bar·ra·ter  (băr′ə-tər)
One who engages in barratry.

[Middle English baratour, from Old French barateour, swindler, from barater, to cheat, perhaps from Vulgar Latin *prattāre, from Greek prāttein, to do.]


(Law) a person guilty of barratry
[C14: from Old French barateor, from barater to barter]


(ˈbær ə tər)

a person who commits barratry.
[1350–1400; Middle English barettour brawler < Old French barateor, derivative of barat(er) to make a disturbance, trick < Vulgar Latin *prattāre < Greek prattein to do; see practical]
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Noun1.barrator - someone guilty of barratry
offender, wrongdoer - a person who transgresses moral or civil law
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Similarly, barrators or grafters are identified in the dialect of Lucca as changing "no" to "yes" for money ("del no, per li denar, vi si fa ita," XXI.
The very beginning of the ditches of fraud contains the panderers and seducers, fitting descriptions of Mosca and Corbaccio's attempt to prostitute Corbaccio's wife Celia, and Voltore would find himself, if not at ease, at least in familiar circumstances in the fifth bolgia in the boiling pitch where the barrators pay the price for their manipulation of the law for personal gain.
The opening of Inferno 21, in which Dante compares the barrators boiling in tar to the hubbub of the Venetian arsenal, exemplifies the lucidity of the translation.