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n.1.(Engin.) A coupling pin. See under Coupling.
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Ajustco's patented self-adjusting design makes installation a breeze and reduces alignment issues so common in barrel bolt applications".
Each one has a different latch:a barrel bolt, a window sash lock, and a deadbolt from a door.
Tenders are invited for Barrel Bolt Middle Drawing No.
The Patent Pending AjustLock solves the common problem whereby doors, gates and stalls get misaligned due to loosing of hinges, and the barrel bolt lock no longer secures the door properly.
Tenders are invited for Barrel Bolt Nickel Coated Complete Set Size 10 Inch Long, Dia-15Mm With Three Clamp, One Kunda And 8 Nos Fixing Bolt With Nut To Is:281-73
Tenders are invited for Guide Bracket For Barrel Bolt, Drg.