base price

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base´ price`

    (bās´ prīs`)
n.1.the initial price of something (goods or services) without the additional charges that may be added, such as handling or shipping charges, sales tax, optional equipment charges, etc.
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82 times his base price by Hrithik Roshanco-owned Pune City.
Previosly, the Telecom Commission had suggested a base price of Rs.
The Mumbai Indians also bought former Australian skipper Ricky Ponting for his base price of Rs 2.
68 million, 20 per cent higher than its base price of AED1.
Annual base price increases at Tesco (3%) were lower than at Asda (7%), Morrisons (5%) and Waitrose (4%) and were level with Sainsbury's (3%).
0T version, with a base price of $20,950, while the up-level VR6 model (with a base price under $30,000) will arrive in showrooms in the fourth-quarter.
The postal file has a base price of $170/M, with selects by geography, age and income.
If the Current Price Index for any lease year shall be greater than the Base Price Index, the base rent shall be increased by an amount equal to product obtained by multiplying
The product is available immediately, with a base price starting at $55,000 for a single license; typically, consulting service costs will match the single license base price and include installation, training and project completion.
Effective as from 1 April 1998, the Government through the Head of the National Logistics Agency (BULOG) raised the base price of dried, milled, unhulled paddy (GKG) by 33.
At least, that was the case with the test vehicle, a blah-white, regular cab Ram 1500 with so many options the base price of $15,880 jumped to $24,196 despite discounts, not always available, totaling $1,457.