baseball equipment

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: equipment - equipment used in playing baseballbaseball equipment - equipment used in playing baseball  
baseball, baseball game - a ball game played with a bat and ball between two teams of nine players; teams take turns at bat trying to score runs; "he played baseball in high school"; "there was a baseball game on every empty lot"; "there was a desire for National League ball in the area"; "play ball!"
bag, base - a place that the runner must touch before scoring; "he scrambled to get back to the bag"
baseball - a ball used in playing baseball
baseball bat, lumber - an implement used in baseball by the batter
baseball glove, baseball mitt, glove, mitt - the handwear used by fielders in playing baseball
batting cage, cage - a movable screen placed behind home base to catch balls during batting practice
batting glove - a glove worn by batters in baseball to give a firmer grip on the bat
batting helmet - a helmet worn by the batter in baseball
catcher's mask - a mask to protect the face of the catcher in baseball
mound, pitcher's mound, hill - (baseball) the slight elevation on which the pitcher stands
pine-tar rag - baseball equipment consisting of a rag soaked with pine tar; used on the handle of a baseball bat to give a batter a firm grip
rosin bag - a bag filled with rosin; used by baseball pitchers to improve their grip on the ball
sports equipment - equipment needed to participate in a particular sport
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July 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Mizuno, a global leader in baseball equipment and apparel, is changing the cleated footwear game with the introduction of the Mizuno Heist IQ(Innovative Quickness).
Baseball equipment can't be purchased in Russia so Fenner returned home to Worcester to collect uniforms, caps, helmets, gloves, bats, baseballs and catcher's equipment.
The 2014 numbers were lower because of the $330 million acquisition of the Easton lines, a deal that turned the company, mainly known for its hockey and lacrosse equipment, into the world's leading equipment supplier for most baseball equipment.
Funds had to be raised to replace the food and baseball equipment that was stored in the building.
You can buy anything from fishing equipment, guns, ammo, optics, hunting apparel, camping gear, baseball equipment, and more.
The GIs donated some baseball equipment to the school.
Vintage baseball equipment is particularly hot these days.
This meant purchasing new uniforms, baseball equipment and hiring administrative staff and promoting advertisement and merchandising.
Three buildings total; the maintenance building which will house maintenance equipment, soccer storage, restrooms and concession; the announcer building which will house baseball equipment, announcers' booth and concession; and the main building which will be constructed in two phases.
He's made a good living selling the newest in baseball equipment, but nothing gives him a charge like slipping on a 1920s infielder's glove and running out onto the baseball field to play.
To afford baseball equipment, shirts and treats after each game, parents of the Dream Catchers sell the blue wristbands with the team's name on it.
Louisville Slugger) Louisville Slugger[R] TPX[R], the top name in baseball equipment, has partnered with Bell[R], the leading manufacturer of bicycle and motor sports helmets.