baseball field

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ballpark, park - a facility in which ball games are played (especially baseball games); "take me out to the ballpark"
baseball diamond, infield, diamond - the area of a baseball field that is enclosed by 3 bases and home plate
box - any one of several designated areas on a ball field where the batter or catcher or coaches are positioned; "the umpire warned the batter to stay in the batter's box"
outfield - the area of a baseball playing field beyond the lines connecting the bases
athletic field, playing area, playing field, field - a piece of land prepared for playing a game; "the home crowd cheered when Princeton took the field"
foul line - lines through 1st and 3rd base indicating the boundaries of a baseball field
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Upon the baseball field Joe Welling stood by first base, his whole body quivering with excitement.
Notes: a mandatory pre-bid conference will be held at 1:30 pm cst, tuesday, august 15th, 2017 at vestavia hills high school baseball field the board of education of the city of vestavia hills.
The district swapped the locations of the football stadium and the baseball field, so the stadium would be properly oriented.
The master plan for Holland Rink calls for the elimination of the under-utilized Little League baseball field, relocation of the basketball courts and the addition of two handball courts, a new playground and a parking lot, Mr.
5 million project is underway that will see Arkadelphia's Youth Sports Complex finally get the baseball fields that were envisioned more than a decade ago.
and landed in the baseball field about 40 minutes later.
If Judge Moore and the Downey, California, businessperson were willing to post Humanist Manifesto I and II, ethical statements from Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Jainism, Sihkism, Confucianism, Bahaism, Islam, Native American religions, and so forth around the courtroom and baseball field, these acts would be more in accord with the true spirit of American democracy.
The new Truman baseball field will be designed by 360 Architecture, whose principals are involved in the designing of the Sprint Center.
Notes: There will be a Non-Mandatory pre-proposal conference conducted on March 17, 2016 at 10:00am on the baseball field at Goose Creek High School, located at 1137 Redbank Road, Goose Creek, SC 29445.
WORCESTER - It has been an unusually quiet spring at the baseball field in Vernon Hill Park.
was built in 1977 and boasts several amenities, such as a full-service, 380-seat cafeteria, tennis, basketball and volleyball courts, a baseball field and a fully licensed helipad.
A small tract of farmland has been the site of regional baseball games for the last 100 years and students from Rural Studio previously undertook a series of site improvements to the main baseball field (AR June 2002).