baseball score

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score - a number that expresses the accomplishment of a team or an individual in a game or contest; "the score was 7 to 0"
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But how about going to a football game and a baseball score broke out?
Surely it was a baseball score and should have read, "Bowling Green 1, Holy Cross 0?
I lost, 6-3, which sounds like a baseball score," he said.
Bean's "Simplified Baseball Score Book" was based on just five symbols: W for walk, E for error, fc for fielder's choice, a circle for an out, and a line with a got on the end for a hit.
This new logo dome illuminates and shifts color to signify changing conditions such as a new baseball score or a temperature drop.
The first period was like a baseball score (6-4, Uxbridge) with both teams playing good defense," Uxbridge coach Mark Donahue said.
A ballpark renowned for football scores played host to another traditional baseball score Tuesday.
A personal memory that has long stayed with me is sitting in the stands at a weekend football game and hearing an announcement over the public address system of a World Series baseball score.
military units in Iraq, Major League Baseball Score Alerts, and AOL AMBER Alerts, which allow users to register for the capability to receive any AMBER Alerts issued by law enforcement in their state or locality.
Forces Alerts, AOL also offers NCAA Score Alerts through the Final Four championship, Major League Baseball Score Alerts for the new season, a Daylight Savings Reminder to set clocks ahead one hour on April 6 and 2003 Taxes Reminders to help members stay on top of the April 15 deadline.
As part of the partnership, which will go through 2021, the premium Venezuelan rum brand will take part in a ceremonial first pitch and join the Green Monster Experience inside the section of the park where the baseball scores are still recorded manually.
He said the paper would add stock tables but would suffer the same fate as other East Coast morning dailies -- an inability to print late West Coast baseball scores.