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1. Shy, self-conscious, and awkward in the presence of others: "I never laughed, being bashful. / Lowering my head, I looked at the wall" (Ezra Pound).
2. Characterized by, showing, or resulting from shyness, self-consciousness, or awkwardness: "He had polite bashful manners and a low grownup voice" (John Dos Passos).

[From obsolete bash, to abash, be abashed (from Middle English basshen, variant of abaishen, abasshen; see abash) + -ful.]

bash′ful·ly adv.
bash′ful·ness n.
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Adv.1.bashfully - in a shy or timid or bashful mannerbashfully - in a shy or timid or bashful manner; "he smiled shyly"
mahcup mahcupsıkılarakutanarak


[ˈbæʃfʊlɪ] ADVtímidamente


[ˈbæʃfʊli] adv
(= shyly) → timidement
(in an embarrassed way)avec embarras


[ˈbæʃfʊlɪ] advtimidamente


(ˈbӕʃful) adjective
shy. a bashful girl; a bashful smile.
bashfully adverb
ˈbashfulness noun
References in classic literature ?
They looked up at me bashfully and made some request of their mother.
We got a billiard-table over from Stockton," half bashfully interrupted Dick Mattingly, struggling from his end of the trunk to recover his composure, "and it had to be brought over in sections on the back of a mule, so I don't see why--" He stopped short again in confusion, at a sign from his brother, and then added, "I mean, of course, that a piano is a heap more delicate, and valuable, and all that sort of thing, but it's worth trying for.
Nay,' he replied, looking down, and blushing bashfully.
The charge was so outrageous that the steward for all answer only dropped his eyelids bashfully.
He was all ready when an attendant came to escort him to the presence of the Princess; he followed bashfully and was ushered into a room more dainty and attractive than it was splendid.
Rosa obeyed, for the Prince was fixing his eyes upon her, but he had scarcely turned them again to his paper when she bashfully retired to the door.
Don't you forget, now," said the boy, looking bashfully into the bright eyes that danced with pleasure as the girl blushed and smiled, and answered reproachfully; "Why, of course I shan't
Dennin shuffled his feet on the barrel, looked down bashfully like a man making his maiden speech, and cleared his throat.
Outside in the garden, which was full of mellow sunset light streaming through the dark old firs to the west of it, stood Anne and Diana, gazing bashfully at each other over a clump of gorgeous tiger lilies.
The couples who are bashfully talkative before third persons; the couples who are bashfully silent under similar circumstances.
Smith was puckering his eyes at, was the sight of his daughter clinging round Captain Anthony's neck--a sight not in itself improper, but which had the power to move young Powell with a bashfully profound emotion.
It bashfully, almost apologetically, gives the traveller to understand that it does not expect him, on the good old constitutional hotel plan, to order a pint of sweet blacking for his drinking, and throw it away; but insinuates that he may have his boots blacked instead of his stomach, and maybe also have bed, breakfast, attendance, and a porter up all night, for a certain fixed charge.